F2A Diamond Sponsor—TransUnion: Reinventing Deposit Growth Strategies for Community Financial Institutions

The end of pandemic-era stimulus, lender accommodations and an extended period of high inflation have had an impact on both the consumer wallet and financial institution liquidity. As institutions have pivoted from open-throttle loan growth to a full focus on deposit growth, marketers are finding that deposit marketing playbooks of times gone by are far less effective today than they once were.

Hear from TransUnion industry experts as they share insights and proof points from banks and credit unions that have transformed their legacy deposit gathering tactics into a modern, more-effective and data-driven approach and best practices for institutions that want to reinvent their deposit growth strategies.

3 Reasons to Attend this Session

  1. Find out how consumer demographic & behavioural data is fueling stronger models for effective deposit marketing
  2. How to streamline new account opening while also combatting today’s most sophisticated fraud threats
  3. How credit unions and banks are retaining those deposits with robust analytics capabilities