Keynote Presenters

Kate O'Neill Headshot

Kate O’Neill

Tech Humanist Kate O’Neill brings over 25 years of digital innovation expertise to the MeridianLink LIVE! keynote stage. As a published author and founder of KO Insights, a strategic advisory firm, she is a prominent advocate for human experience improvement in tech-driven environments. Having worked with global companies like Google®, Adobe®, Netflix®, IBM®, and more, Kate will explore the human-centric perspective in a world dominated by data and technology. You won’t want to miss this thought-provoking session where Kate shares her insights on making meaningful decisions in the face of digital transformation, ensuring a future that prioritizes ethical considerations and positive human experiences. 

She’ll cover key questions like: How can you be sure you’re making the right decisions and investments to secure your company’s future at a time when every business in every industry faces digital transformation or disruption? What’s more, with everything changing so fast, what can you do to remain competitive and resilient?

Jamie Metzl

Distinguished technology futurist, geopolitical expert, entrepreneur, novelist, and global media commentator Jamie Metzl will delve into the rapid growth of AI, drawing parallels to past agriculture, industrial, and computer revolutions. Jamie is the founder and chair of the global social movement OneShared.World, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and a faculty member at Singularity University with a diverse background, including service in the U.S. National Security Council, State Department, and the United Nations. This multifaceted experience positions him as a leading voice for individuals, companies, and societies navigating the evolving landscape of AI and revolutionary technologies.  

While many perceive AI capabilities as enhanced search tools, Jamie will explore a reality that is more significant during his MeridianLink LIVE! keynote. In this far-reaching and highly practical talk, Jamie Metzl explores the big-picture implications of this transformative moment in human history and how individuals, companies, and societies can best ride the wave of this change rather than be subsumed by it.

Jamie Metzl Headshot

Logan Mohtashami Headshot

Logan Mohtashami

HousingWire’s lead analyst, Logan Mohtashami, brings over two decades of experience in the mortgage industry. Renowned as “The Chart Guy” and recognized for his insightful analysis of the U.S. economy and real estate market, Logan’s ability to decode complex economic data and provide actionable insights has made him a sought-after commentator. Fueled by a passion for data and economics, coupled with years of direct lending experience, Logan is a frequent presence on major platforms such as CNBC, the HousingWire Daily podcast, and industry conference speaking stages. 

At MeridianLink LIVE!,  Logan will share his insights and commentary on current U.S. economic trends and address the questions that many are asking right now: Are we headed into a recession, or will the U.S. economy continue to expand? Is household credit breaking down on the Federal Reserve? What is happening in the housing market? Will inventory grow with higher rates, and what will happen to home prices? Mohtashami will bring his unmatched enthusiasm, humor, and charts to share his perspectives on current economic and market developments. 

General Session Presenter

Larry Lerner Headshot

Larry Lerner

partner, McKinsey
& Company

Larry Lerner advises financial institutions on advanced analytics, data transformations, and scaling of digital and analytics capabilities. He specializes in developing strategies for risk and fraud analytics, fostering insight-driven product and customer growth. His recent work includes helping clients improve their advanced analytics programs, launch digital banks and data businesses, and create centralized analytics environments.