XpressCollect Helps Your Financial Instiutions to Become Efficient When It Comes to Debt Collection


In this webinar, you'll learn how XpressCollect Collection Software 

  • Learn how the web-based application can help your teams become more productive and efficient while working from home without managing expensive technology.

  • See how the simple user interface ensures anyone on your team can manage collections without extensive training or a long ramp-up period.

  • Learn how custom queues empower you to be more productive by setting up pre-defined collection groups such as late days.

  • See how the automated workflows empower you to experience a more efficient automated workflow.

  • Video how the reporting tool can help you manage your business daily.

  • See how the integration with your core, important third-party vendors and MeridianLink products help you quickly walk collection cases every day.

  • Learn how to setup loan modifications within XpressCollect.