Mastering Long-Term Deposit Strategies

On-Demand Webinar

If we learned anything from market trends over the last 20+ years, it’s that focusing on acquiring new consumers, retaining existing relationships, and expanding wallet share are key components to building a solid strategy that adds value to your consumers and your bottom line. However, as digital competitors continue to emerge and industry-wide liquidity ratios become increasingly delicate, how can financial institutions transform these potential disruptions into opportunities for engagement?   

Join us for this exclusive, live webinar where MeridianLink® and Plaid™ will share impactful strategies that can empower you to proactively secure consumer loyalty and deposit opportunities for long-term growth.   

During this session, you’ll gain insight into:  

  • Consumer deposit trends  
  • Successful strategies for deposit growth  
  • Peer use case for growing deposits  
  • How the integrated solutions from MeridianLink and Plaid can drive real results    

Presented By:

Ed Padlan,
Director of Partner Account Management,

Lauren Tarca,
Partner Account Manager, Banking and Wealth Platforms

Richard Skelton,
Director of Product Management,