Introducing MeridianLink Access

On-Demand Webinar

Explore our new, highly configurable point-of-sale solution for account opening and loan origination! Join this webinar to learn how MeridianLink® Access helps you build powerful, personalized consumer-facing experiences and accelerate growth with control and speed. 

We’ll be covering how this product enables financial institutions to: 

  • Drive fully touchless borrower workflows, reduce maintenance burden through settings synchronization, and ultimately deliver an optimized digital lending experience.  
  • Gain control over layout, sequencing, and styling of loan and deposit account applications​.  
  • Create, modify, and preview online applications using advanced visual workflow builder tools​.  
  • Maximize effectiveness by tapping into a wide array of partner integrations from industry leaders, providing added convenience to all end users.  

Exceed consumer expectations, grow lending and deposit portfolios, and continue your digital transformation journey with MeridianLink Access. 

Presented By:

Richard Skelton,
Director, Product Management, MeridianLink