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Solutions: Verification Data Access


The number of sources available to lenders has boomed in recent years.

How much is too much? Can lenders experience analysis paralysis when it comes to overexposure to the recent proliferation of data sources?

The answer is finding a balance. While quantity is important, forward-thinking lenders are trying to ensure that quantity is matched with quality. Scoring attribute and data management is quickly becoming a critical area of a lender’s operations.

To capitalize on the credit bureaus and other available sources, financial institutions of all sizes turn to MeridianLink to optimize scoring attribute and data management.


Web-based Fulfillment Hub

Mortgage Credit Link is the most versatile, stable and powerful web-based fulfillment hub for consumer data verification.

Comprehensive Verification Data

Service your customers and make smarter business decisions by retrieving verification data for credit, income, employment, property and fraud prevention.

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