Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help! Please click the + sign to expand and read each answer to our frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer to your question, please email and our team will follow up soon.

Is there a cost to register for the MeridianLink Virtual User Forum?
Registration is complimentary for any and all of the sessions for the entire event. Please make sure to fill out a separate registration form per day and select all of the sessions that you are interested in attending.
How do I register for the event?
You will need to register by completing a registration form for each day and select the sessions you are interested in. You will then receive individual confirmation and calendar invites for each session that you select. Every email will include a unique link to access each session at the designated date and time. Please do not share your links, as they are unique to you.
When will I receive login instructions?
Upon registration for each session, you will receive an email confirmation with a unique Gotowebinar link. This link will give you access to the session at the specified time and date. Click the Join Webinar button to access the session. This link should not be shared with others, as it is unique to you.
What is the format of the event?

We are utilizing the webcast format within Gotowebinar as the platform for the Virtual User Forum. You are able to join from the browser app or mobile app. You can only join using computer audio (VoIP) and will be muted at all times.

I registered for a session, but I can't attend due to a scheduling conflict. Will I have access to the recording to view it later?
Most likely, yes. We will record all sessions and most sessions will be available for viewing on-demand. Some sessions may be ineligible to view on-demand, due to proprietary constraints.
Can I register for multiple concurrent sessions? I can't decide at the moment.
Yes! You have the ability to register for multiple concurrent sessions.
I attempted to register on the form, but it's not accepting my email. Why is that?

Due to our company's policies, we require that you register using a business email. Please make sure that you are signing up with a business email and not a free email, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

How do I cancel my registration if I cannot attend?
To cancel your registration, go to your specific confirmation email for the session and click cancel your registration, located at the bottom of the email.
After registering for multiple sessions, I did not receive email confirmations. What should I do?
If you use Outlook, please check the Other tab at the top or your junk folder in case the email confirmations automatically went there. You should receive an email confirmation for every session that you selected on your registration form(s) for each day, within minutes.

Please email if you have additional questions so our team can help you.
I noticed that the time zone listed is in PDT. I'm in another time zone. How will I know when I should attend the session(s)?
Not to worry. GoToWebinar will detect which time zone you are in (based on your web browser settings) and automatically adjust the date/time accordingly upon registration. 
I registered for many sessions during the event. How will I remember which sessions to attend at the appropriate date/time?

We highly recommend that in every email confirmation that you receive for each session that you registered for, click the appropriate calendar link, located next to Add to Calendar. You will also receive an email reminder one hour prior to each session that you signed up for.

If I complete a registration form for any or all days, can I come back later and register for more sessions?
Yes! You can come back at any time and register for additional sessions. However, you will need to fill out the form again for the day(s) that you are interested in and check off the sessions. Most likely, based on your browser settings, the majority of your contact information will be saved and pre-populated on the form(s).
Can I attend the event using my phone or tablet?

Yes. You are able to use a mobile phone or tablet to attend the event, and there will be a unique URL located on your confirmation email for the specific session(s) that you registered for. Click the link to join the webinar session at the specified time and date. We will also send a reminder email that will be sent one hour prior to each session that you sign up for.

I'm having technical issues and can't hear and/or see the session. What should I do?

We recommend to click check system requirements on your confirmation email to avoid any connection issues using GoToWebinar. Make sure you are meeting the minimum requirements so you can attend a webinar using a compatible device.

Web Browser:
Google Chrome (most recent 2 versions)
Mozilla Firefox (most recent 2 versions)
Apple Safari (most recent 2 versions)
Microsoft Edge (most recent 2 versions)

Internet Connection:
Computer: 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)
Mobile device: 3G or better (WIFI recommended for VoIP audio)

GoToWebinar mobile app

2GB of RAM (minimum), 4GB or more of RAM (recommended)

Mobile Device
iPhone 4S or newer
iPad 2 or newer



Is there an opportunity to ask questions during the event?

Yes! During each session, you are welcome to type in questions in the questions box located on the right panel within Gotowebinar. Our presenter(s) and/or moderator will be available to either respond to your question privately or respond to your question(s) during LIVE Q&A which occurs towards the end of each session for approximately 10-15 minutes. 

Are there networking opportunities available with my Account Manager?

Yes! There are four opportunities to attend Account Manager breakout sessions during the event. The topics will discuss what we learned about the digital account opening and lending journey in the last year, what was gleaned during the recovery period, and emerging trends in the digital lending and account opening space. Details and directions to register for these exclusive sessions will come from your Account Manager.

Are fun virtual activities available to connect with my peers?

Yes! We have a virtual cooking demonstration, a mixology class, and general trivia games during the event. You must register separately for each session.

Tuesday, May 11 
2:00pm PDT - Session 11: Virtual Reception Part 1: Cooking Demonstration
5:00pm PDT - Session 21: Virtual Reception Part 2: Mixology Class

Wednesday, May 12
2:00pm PDT - Session 43: Trivia Competition Part 1
5:00pm PDT - Session 56: Trivia Competition Part 2 


Are there prize drawings and giveaways during the event?
Yes! We will host multiple drawings throughout the event. Stay tuned to hear your name, as you may be a lucky winner.
Do you have information on the donation program?
Based on tremendous feedback from last year's 2020 Virtual User Forum, we're excited to host another donation program for our attendees. The Virtual User Forum Recap on Day 3 will include an announcement of 10 winners for $1,000 donations in their name to their chosen charity.
Who do I contact for technical support if I have issues accessing a session?

Please email and our team will follow up with you as soon as they can to provide support. 

Please fill out a registration form for each day

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