The power to provide accurate credit reports in less than 10 seconds.

Stay ahead of the competition with our powerful web-based credit reporting tools designed especially for credit vendors. Our web-based reporting solution enables you to provide fast, accurate credit reports to your customers on any web-enabled device at any time. Easily integrate with credit decisioning software and get up and running within days.

Our Products Meet the Unique Needs of Credit Vendors

  • Tri-Merge Reporting

    Our powerful web-based tools pull data directly from all 3 credit bureaus and merges it into a single, easy-to-read report.

  • Robust Protection

    Multiple layers of software, hardware and human protections ensure that you and your customers are protected from fraud, competitive espionage and litigation.

  • Responsive Support

    Speak with our attentive client support team or use our online support chat tools to address your needs at any time.