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Trusted for over 20 years, MeridianLink has confidently adapted to changes within the industry by providing unique, industry-first solutions.

End-to-End Loan Origination (LOS) Platform

End-to-End Platform

MeridianLink® One connects our trusted products into one powerful platform to turn lending automation, cross-selling, and loan optimization into a transformational experience.


Loan Origination System

Our SaaS cloud-based products provide financial institutions a stress-free loan origination process, so they can focus on providing a superior consumer experience.

Account Opening

Account Opening

Our account opening software improves customer satisfaction with a fast and streamlined digital experience, allowing you to process more applications in less time.

Data & Reporting

Data & Reporting

Our consulting programs are based on a continuous improvement approach to help you meet your goals and improve the quality and effectiveness of your lending initiatives.



Our collections solution is designed around the user experience, making it easier than ever. Teams will spend less time training and more time engaging with consumers, which translates to more resources saved, and more money recovered.

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Compare each MeridianLink solution like by downloading our buyer's guide. While each product and service is sold separately, many of the products and services can be connected and integrated within the MeridianLink One platform.

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