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Products: Smart API


SmartAPI is an efficient way to connect to multiple verification services with one API integration.

With one simple connection, your company can gain access to multiple verification services from many popular vendors by making a single XML request. SmartAPI works with existing software to streamline and reduce maintenance costs associated with multipoint connections.

SmartAPI is the future of integration. Imagine being able to access an evergrowing list of verification services and providers with one simple integration. One XML call referencing the products needed results in a bundled delivery of verification services necessary for customer prequalification or approval. Why waste precious time and development resources by having to develop to multiple vendors with many API's? With SmartAPI, a single API can give your platform the boost it needs for quickly and painlessly adding multiple vendors and services.


Respond Instantly to Customers

Within seconds, provide credit bureau reports to your customers, or use the data internally. You can also use proprietary merge logic to merge liabilities across multiple bureaus and applicants.

Provide Tailored Advice

Service your customers’ individual needs through the Credit Score Analyzer report, a standard feature of SmartAPI. Intuitive proprietary software analyzes a variety of factors that are unique to customers and generates useful suggestions to help improve scores.

Minimize Risk

Minimize your institution’s liability by using SmartAPI to store all credit reports offsite instead of in your system. SmartAPI is designed to accurately verify the identity of your customer and check for fraud at multiple points. 

Access a Large Provider Network

MeridianLink partners with more than 30 credit reporting agencies and verification service providers that work with over 150,000 active end-users.


Merge Technology

Our powerful technology pulls credit bureau data within seconds, and a sophisticated algorithm balances variations in reports to create a single, highly accurate credit report. Credit information is pulled from all major credit bureaus, including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Quick and Smooth Transitions

Financial institutions that are current subscribers or already authorized by the three credit bureaus can integrate SmartAPI in five days or less. MeridianLink provides sample code and a protected testing environment for error-free development and a seamless transition.

Verification Services

Security and fraud prevention remain a top priority. Beyond credit data, your financial institution can use SmartAPI to access, with a single API, a multitude of verification services, such as identity, income, employment, assets, valuation, criminal, eviction, etc.

Easy Data Retrieval

SmartAPI simply requires web access. Requests are sent via HTTPS with 128-bit SSL encryption to gain almost immediate access to credit reporting from all three bureaus, including VantageScore and FICO scores. Retrieve data in XML format and use with other supported data types, such as HTML, MISMO, PDF, TEXT and X12.


With SmartAPI, your financial institution has the flexibility to design the solution to fit your specific needs and processes. You can configure reports to structure and order data your way. Or you can choose from 30+ predefined, customizable, templates so you can quickly and easily display the information you need.

Responsive Support

Our client-focused support team responds quickly and attentively throughout setup, launch and ongoing usage. By gaining a thorough understanding of your institution and customer needs, we can anticipate challenges and put systems in place to protect you and to ensure service runs smoothly.

Schedule a Consultation

Whether you're in the preliminary stages of research or looking for detailed answers that may require a demo, our team is always available to discuss your options and how we can help.