When using the web to exchange sensitive information, secure data transmission is crucial. Our pioneering technology solutions have been especially built to handle the elevated security risks that financial institutions face. By carefully designing and integrating our network infrastructure, we can ensure that our solutions are secure, reliable, and scalable.

Best-of-Breed Technology

At the core of our facility are hardware and software components from Cisco, Dell, Nortel Networks, Foundry Networks, and Microsoft.

Expert Engineers

MeridianLink is staffed by Microsoft Certified System Engineers and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers who work around the clock to ensure that your applications are up and running at all times.

Liability Protection

Rest assured knowing that the mission-critical systems we use to serve you were built by Internet security experts who implemented advanced measures to protect you from competitive espionage, fraud, and financially damaging litigation.

“Smart” Architecture

Our core design principles maintain separate databases for each of our client’s systems, ensuring that data remains secure and free of any risk to corruption or potential data leakage.


Double Firewall Technology
High Encryption Technology
Security Monitoring
Session Timeout
Security Training


Redundant Multi-Layered Infrastructure
Flexible and Scalable
No single point of failure
Proprietary Real-Time Data Backup
Load Balancing and Redundant Web Server
Database Server Redundancy
Redundant Fiber Connection to Internet
Battery Backup Power Source
Gas Generator Backup Power Source
Full-Mirror Site located in Colorado