Single origination platform

All channels (mobile, online, branch, call center, indirect, retail, and kiosk) are consolidated into a single processing system for a consistent experience for originators, underwriters, processors, and funding officers.


Full loan product suite support

LoansPQ offers automated underwriting and pricing for indirect loans (auto and retail); consumer lending (direct auto, unsecured and secured personal loans and lines of credit); small business loans; home equity loans and HELOC; and vehicle leases.


Cross-sell and opportunity engine

Utilize the LoansPQ cross-sell engine to identify potential cross-sell opportunities, such as credit card debt consolidation or auto tradeline refinancing. Automatically port information from the original application to the new cross-sell.


Dynamic workflow

Configure the system to reduce manual work by setting up actions based on your business rules. Automatically move applications to and from customized application pipelines, notify applicants, users, or dealerships of status updates or outstanding stipulations, and much more.


Vast configurability

Tailor the application experience to your workflow with over 1,000 preferences, encompassing data field collection, system behavior, customization of integrations to third-parties, and more.


Robust core system integration

LoansPQ integrates with over 25 core systems, reducing data entry in the core system and empowering underwriters with information on current members and customers.


Expansive integrations

Seamlessly integrated with more than 200 third-party integrations, including core systems, e-signing vendors, insurance providers, dealership integrators, credit card processors, home banking systems, settlement service tools, and more. MeridianLink’s Open APIs put the power in your hands to integrate in-house technology with the LoansPQ platform.


MeridianLink integrations

Leverage the MeridianLink ecosystem with seamless integration between LoansPQ and XpressAccounts for deposit account opening, Application Portal for mobile-first and fully responsive digital lending, XpressCollect for collections, and LendingQB for mortgages.


Availability of mlx Insights and mlx Consulting

Our MLX Consulting team, which boasts a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate, analyzes loan performance against the evolving market landscape, configures custom scorecards for decisioning and pricing within LoansPQ and provides enhanced implementation or performance consulting for your loan origination system.

"The admin set-up was also a lot more robust than what we had before. There are a lot of criteria such as price adjustments and custom lists in LoansPQ, which were missing in our old system, that allow us to better drive the applications to our customized queues."

Crystal Robinson, Service and Delivery Manager for Consumer Lending at Coastal Credit Union.


Increased Consumer Satisfaction

Stay competitive by leveraging LoansPQ for maximized automated decisioning capabilities. From enhanced decisioning and pricing to e-signature during the application process, LoansPQ provides the technology needed to excel in today’s digital market where applicants expect instant service.

Increased Revenue

Deepen relationships with existing customer or members through cross-selling and integration with core data.

Reduced Operational Costs

A consistent and best-in-class user experience combines with a dynamic workflow and automation to reduce the amount of manual work needed by users.