Comprehensive loan origination system for direct, indirect and merchant lending

SAIL® (Software Application for Integrated Lending) enables customers to streamline the loan application process, increase productivity, and greatly enhance loan tracking and reporting capabilities. Regardless of whether SAIL is used for direct or indirect lending, it provides industry-trusted automobile valuations through connectivity with National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and Kelley Blue Book. Fraud detection through your core system is also seamless with SAIL. Financial institutions are able to import security settings with minimal effort.

With SAIL web-based lending software, institutions gain a flexible solution supported by a team of professionals who are focused on your success. SAIL is designed with your needs in mind. It is built using the input and best practices of financial institutions across the country and is continually enhanced so clients can remain in the forefront of the industry.

SAIL® Features


Significantly reduces the time it takes to review loan applications, request and review credit reports, enter data into core systems, make lending decisions and respond to dealers and members.


Comprehensive loan origination system for direct lending that can help your institution increase loan volume, improve yields and continuously improve service quality by providing instantaneous responses to loan applications received in person, over the phone or online.


Supports a wide variety of consumer loan types including HELOC, credit card, auto/boat/ motorcycle, personal, share and CD secured


Supports Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers and allows the system administrator to configure automatic approval functionality by loan type. It is accessed over an http connection via SSL, securing application and applicant data. DirectWeb doesn’t store any applicant information. Instead, all information is transmitted to the SAIL server.


Provides third parties like Dealertrack, RouteOne, CUDL and others with access to hundreds of lenders across the country that use SAIL to process loan applications. This connectivity facilitates communication between the lender and the originator of the loan application.


SAIL Merchant Lending enables lending institutions to offer merchants and service providers fast, automated and instantaneous 24/7 financing for potential customers immediately at the point of sale.

Benefits of SAIL®

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