ACTion Deposit Account Opening helps financial institutions acquire new customers and members and increase wallet share

ACTion Deposit Account Opening is an omni-channel solution that automates the online and branch deposit workflow for personal checking and savings accounts as well as certificates of deposit and money market accounts. It fully integrates with ACTion’s industry-leading loan origination solution to give you a powerful platform to combine both deposit and cross-sell loan processes. Customers and staff will appreciate the ease of doing business from any device, anywhere, anytime.

ACTion Deposit Account Opening Features


Offers end-to-end processing of your organization’s deposit origination workflow. Application data capture, account funding, and new account setup in the core banking system are automated. The business process can be tailored to your organization’s needs, and the flexible architecture gives you the tools to integrate to your critical third-party systems. The entire platform is responsive can be deployed via laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices.


Allows your financial institution to specify, test, execute, and maintain simple or complex business rules and rate tables that enable your financial institution to make the right decision in real time via the web, branch, or call center.


Display the information needed to see or edit at any specific step of the workflow, enabling a very powerful and granular security control of your data while also ensuring the ultimate customer experience. Using web-based technology, the screens can seamlessly integrate with your organization’s look and feel, providing the best usability on both desktops and mobile devices.


Gives any institution quick real-time access to manage rates, reporting and your digital acquisition strategy.

Benefits of Using ACTion Deposit Account Opening

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