Retail & Merchant Lending

If you don’t offer retail loans to your customers, you’re missing out on a growing market for retail purchases that adds up to billions of dollars each year. Instead of allowing lenders with inferior loan products to take this business from you, you can quickly and easily implement an integrated retail lending process so that your customers can finance purchases and installment sales, and you can grow your sales.

With DecisionLender loan origination software (LOS), you can instantly connect with point-of-purchase providers and put your loan product in the hands of borrowers at the most critical time: decision time. Whether it’s a loan for furniture, equipment, dental work, medical procedures, or a specialty loan product you want to personally design, DecisionLender provides a seamless configurable process from application to funding.

How DecisionLender Works

  • When consumers need to finance a purchase, merchants enter the applicant’s data into your online application and hits send
  • DecisionLender’s workflow automatically pulls credit reports and other data, then routes the application to a retail loan officer for review or to the auto-decisioning feature to instantly provide a decision
  • In minutes, the retail finance vendor receives a loan decision and generate a complete loan package. Incorporate eSignature to expedite the process

Security, Configurability & Automation

  • Design a uniquely tailored retail lending process for any type of unsecured retail loan, retail finance or installment loan, including specialty lending options such as major purchases for the home, elective medical procedures and dental surgery, solar and powersports
  • Grow your volume in the competitive arena of retail lending services easily and safely with a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) loan origination solution (LOS) that allows you to interface directly with merchants via a secure internet connection in the DecisionLender merchant lending portal

Digital Lending Optimization

  • Connect with third-party point-of-service systems
  • Put the decision in the hands of your customers quickly, with terms and rates clearly spelled out
  • Experience a robust menu of options for real-time management reports that put smart summaries at your fingertips
  • Complete the loan process, from application to eSignature to funding, quickly, easily and securely with eCelerate, our paperless solution for automatic forms and contracts
  • Use DecisionLender configurable loan forms and eSignature capabilities, or map your own forms into the system

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