Online & Mobile Lending

It’s a virtual world with 24/7 access to news, entertainment, shopping, bill payment, and even financial services. If you don’t give your customers a 24-hour, mobile-friendly, online experience for their financing needs, you may be left behind.

DecisionLender is flexible and configurable cloud-based loan origination software (LOS) gives you the sleek, sophisticated power to offer round-the-clock, online and mobile lending. DecisionLender includes robust safeguards, multiple fraud risk controls, and omnichannel flexibility to start loans, save progress and close loans from any location – all without requiring IT resources.


  • Apply your branding
  • Configure screens and workflow to your specifications so you gather the applicant data you need
  • Organize the drop-down menu to offer multiple consumer loan types
  • Choose to have application data automatically processed through the DecisionLender decision engine or manually processed per your lending rules and workflow requirements
  • Enjoy single sign-on, allowing the pre-populating of applications


  • Allow DecisionLender to automatically validate applicants with your preferred method of authentication
  • Choose whether to rely on a manual or fully automated process for selecting the appropriate forms and documents based on loan type and state requirements
  • Tailor the thank-you message that appears after the process is completed
  • Choose from multiple fund transfer options, including ACH (manual or automatic)


  • Receive and process consumer loan applications for both secured and unsecured loans, optimized for any device your borrower uses, including mobile devices, tablets and laptops
  • Configure the online/mobile loan application process to fit your required parameters (e.g. the states where you do business, types of loans, loan limits, etc.)
  • Modify or add fields and rules and make rule or program changes at any time without IT or developer resources

Additional Functionality

  • Receive online applications from any device or application provider and any location with our open API and DLX that integrates with third-party lending channels
  • Use third-party data for fraud prevention
  • Reduce abandonment rates by auto-populating applications using third-party data sources, scanned driver’s licenses or for members extract data from the servicing system
  • Use analytics to identify system bottlenecks, to map the optimum route that reduces abandonment rates, and so much more

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