Loan Origination Software (LOS) for Finance Companies

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You no longer need to be a big bank or other depository institution to offer fully customized and automated digital lending without taxing your IT department and spending a fortune on professional services

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Car & Vehicle Sales

Auto, RV, marine, and other dealers can now fully automate account opening and loan origination with Dealertrack, RouteOne and CUDL integration.


Home Improvement

Solar panels, HVAC, windows, pool, and other contractors can now extend credit to homeowners to compete with the big guys and grow your business.


Merchant Lending

Whether you sell furniture or provide medical services, we allow all retailers and service providers to offer loans to your customers that need credit.


Debt Consolidation

No matter what loan type nor the complexity of your workflows, DecisionLender configures to your process and integrates with your internal and external systems.

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Loan Origination Software

Vehicle dealers, contractors, retailers, and fintechs can now offer and close more loans, faster with easy account setup, origination and decisioning, and complete integration with your internal and external software—all with DecisionLender.

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Quickly adapt to an evolving marketplace with DecisionLender, a remarkably versatile platform supporting on-the-go underwriting opportunities. You get:

  • Simplified indirect and online lending
  • Application, decisioning, eSignature, funding, and more
  • Flexible and configurable: make changes instantly
  • Cloud-based, fully secure loan origination solution
  • Use from any mobile device
  • Give your customers what they want

"DecisionLender 4's customer interface ranks among the best we’ve seen. The feedback we’re getting is that it’s an incredibly simple system to use. The members seem comfortable with the interface and processes for submitting a loan application. We are very pleased with its positive response."

Director of Consumer Lending

"When we compared the architecture, capabilities and features embedded in DecisionLender 4 to other platforms, it wasn’t even close. We saw that this was a platform that was developed for a new era of lending, where speed, flexibility and efficiency are of paramount importance."

Retail Lending Manager

"With DecisionLender 4, we now can make frequent changes to our LOS, which is an important improvement over having to send them to the vendor and wait for it to implement them This compressed timeframe is essential, because dealers want to be funded quickly, and a lender will lose favored status if it is slow to fund."

VP Consumer Lending

"I want to commend you on having no issues with uptime in regards to DecisionLender 3.5 and 4. We had record loan volume last year and at this time we are tracking to exceed that and set new loan volume records! Having great dependability with DecisionLender has been key to this success. The TCI team has been performing excellently in regards to keeping the system up and functioning smoothly!"

EVP & Managing Director

"Your YouTube tutorials are a great tool to learn the many features and capabilities of the DecisionLender 4 platform. By using YouTube as the primary portal to access the videos, our team members can choose the tutorial most pertinent to their job functions whenever they want, and from any device. These tutorials not only helps us maximize the platform’s features, it increases the organization’s productivity and ability to satisfy our members’ needs."

Lead Underwriter

"The functionality and features of the product are what we like best. Because all of the information that we need to make a decision is at our fingertips, TCI allows us to make quick decisions which our dealers appreciate and continue to rave about. Our average decision time went from over 15 minutes to less than 3 minutes, which allows us to close more deals and solidify our relationships with the dealers. Many of our dealers have communicated that we are their preferred lender because of how quickly we can decision an application."

Chief Lending Officer, Financial One