• Session 1 Q&A: Welcome to MeridianLink Virtual User Forum 2020 / FAST As The New Service

  • Session 3 Q&A: Using LendingQB for Enhanced Digital Lending

  • Session 5 Q&A: LoansPQ Beta Client Roundtable: Insights with the New UI/UX

  • Session 6 Q&A: Application Portal Q&A: Advanced Configurations for Streamlined Applications

  • Session 9 Q&A: Powering your Command Center with MLX Insight

  • Session 10 Q&A: ML Helps! Quick Deployment Options and Tools

  • Session 12 Q&A: From Legacy Platform to LoansPQ Q&A: Keeping Your Complex Decisioning

  • Session 13 Q&A: Decision Optimization for Beginners

  • Session 14 Q&A: Maximizing Your LPQ Cross-Qualifications

  • Session 16 Q&A: Business Lending and Home Equity Road Map for LoansPQ PLUS Combo App Digital Capabilities for Both

  • Session 17 Q&A: Analytics & Scoring Q&A: Advanced Custom Scorecard

  • Session 18 Q&A: LoansPQ/XpressAccounts Custom App Queue Automation

  • Session 19 Q&A: The Top 3 Surprisingly Underutilized LendingQB Features

  • Session 20 Q&A: XpressAccounts Fast Track Q&A: How You Can Digitally Open Deposit Accounts Before you Migrate

  • Session 21 Q&A: Find Out How XpressCollect will Upgrade your Collections Experience


NOTE: There are a few sessions missing from the list above because they contain confidential or proprietary information. 


Mark your calendars for MeridianLink's next User Forum planned for April 19-22, 2021 in Huntington Beach, California.