Digital Banking

MeridianLink Digital Banking Technologies and Services r Drive Growth and Revenue

For banks and credit unions, MeridianLink delivers digital banking that powers growth.


Digital Banking: The Way Forward

New deposit accounts and new loans are the lifeblood of any bank or credit union. Many vendors provide partial solutions, but only one company does everything right – MeridianLink. A single completely modern and robust platform delivers a common user experience for personal and business customers as well as bank staff for the most important components of revenue growth – digital account opening and digital lending. One platform, one vendor, trusted by thousands of digital banks and credit unions.


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MeridianLink Digital Banking Technologies

MeridianLink’s mobile and online digital banking platform drives growth for both new and current customers, by making the processes so simple that they can typically be done in under five minutes. MeridianLink’s intelligent cross-sell engine delivers perfectly tailored offers for additional revenue-generating financial products right at the digital point of sale.

Application Portal
The mobile-first online experience for any new loan or deposit account. A true digital point-of-sale that covers all deposit and loan products, for consumer and business customers. For new or current customers and members, it’s the ultimate in convenience and simplicity – open an account or get a loan in under 5 minutes, any time, any place, on any device. For financial institutions, it’s digital engagement made simple – a cost-effective, easily configurable and manageable solution that drives customer satisfaction from the very first touch.

Digital lending made simple. Direct and indirect, consumer and business, secured and unsecured, loans and lines. Auto, personal, credit card, business, home equity, HELOC, boat, RV, and other loan types. From fully automated approvals with instant funding to loans that require the more complete diligence of traditional underwriting. Over 250 standard integrations to every key data provider – core banking systems, credit bureaus, compliant documents, electronic signatures, and everything else any digital bank needs to quickly make quality loans.

Automated deposit account opening and funding for all channels and product types. Instantly onboard personal and business accounts - checking, savings, money market, CD, IRA, HSA. With robust functionality ranging from identity verification, OFAC checks, e-signature, switch kits, and core system connectivity, XpressAccounts saves operational costs and increases customer/member satisfaction from application initiation to account creation. 

"We like the fact that with Application Portal and our mobile application it is basically a one, two, three steps and you’re done consumer process for both loans and deposits. It simplified the process for the member."

Jeff Bergum, VP of Retail Services, Associated Credit Union