We started the type of company we would want to work for.

Founded by developers, we knew the type of company where we would want to work so that’s exactly the type of company we created. We understand that an inspired staff is the most innovative staff so we built a company culture from the ground up where every employee is empowered to explore their own insights and share them with the team. We appreciate the time and dedication our staff members bring to work every day and strive to reward that dedication by truly respecting a clear work/life balance.

Benefits of working at MeridianLink


    See your suggestions put into action. We encourage an open, collaborative work culture because we believe every idea is important.


    New employees are paired with a friendly staff mentor to answer questions and ensure a smooth and easy adjustment period.


    Have a good idea? Talk to peers, managers, or ML execs. Our founders hold CS degrees and are active members of the ML team.


    Healthy staff members make us happy. Use our on-site company gym before or after work or during lunch to stay fit and flexible while having fun.


    All work and no play makes a dull staff. So we celebrate holidays, staff birthdays, work anniversaries and other milestone events with fun activities that spark creativity.