Remote Online Notarization (RON): Going Up, Up, Up in Borrower Preference

By Kristina Quinn | Loan Origination Software Mortgage Loans lendingqb
This post discusses Remote Online Notarization (RON) covering: What is RON?  What is happening with RON legislation?  How RON and eClosing transactions are taking off during COVID-19  Read on to learn how to get prepared to do RON closings—.
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What’s Next for Mortgage After COVID-19 [Webinar Summary]

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Loan Origination Software: Consumer vs. Mortgage

Loan origination software (LOS) plays a vital role for any financial institution. Those shopping..
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Is LOS Technology Living Up To Its Promise?

Mortgage lending has fared well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But lenders who have resisted the..
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The Mortgage Landscape - First Quarter 2020

The state of mortgage lending was promising, as we concluded in 2019. Entering a new decade, many..
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Who Should Be Responsible for Installing LOS Technology?

There is nothing scarier than making the decision to move to a new loan origination system (LOS)...
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4 eClosing Must Haves for a Complete End-to-End Digital Mortgage Lending Process

Digital mortgage lending can be difficult to navigate and due to COVID-19, it has presented itself..
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All-Inclusive Loan Origination System Vs. Best of Breed

Business enterprises are constantly on the lookout for the perfect technology solution. The ideal..
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Digital Lending Best Practices Make All the Difference

Many lenders waste time and money implementing a highly configurable Loan Origination System (LOS)..
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