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How to Find the Right Loan Origination Software for Indirect Lending

By Chris Carlson | March 4, 2020
Best Practices, Loan Software, indirect lending, loan origination system, RouteOne, Dealertrack, risk-based pricing
Learn the best practices for evaluating a loan origination system (LOS) to ensure the right fit for your indirect lending and account opening goals
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5 Tips for Indirect Auto Lending Success

Here is what every bank and credit union should consider when establishing an indirect auto lending program to increase loan volumes
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Identifying Cause and Effect for Greater Indirect Lending Success

Here are three examples of indirect lending functionality that could cause a lot of trouble for your financial institution if not provided by your platform
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Loan Origination Software Support: How to Distinguish Extraordinary

Things such as the frequency of updates or newer versions, the total number of versions supported and the lead time for new installations can make a world of difference if software support expectations are not being met by a loan origination system provider
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Don’t Forget These Indirect Lending Best Practices When Evaluating Loan Origination Systems

Here are three more indirect lending best practices to consider when evaluating your loan origination system.
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Top 5 Indirect Lending Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the five most common mistakes lenders make when operating their indirect lending programs and how decision analytics and business consulting can be leveraged to help.
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Top 4 Pitfalls of Loan Software Configuration

To help you properly monitor your current solution or proceed with the configuration of a new platform, here are four very common mistakes to avoid when configuring your loan software solution for peak efficiency and optimal performance.
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Does Your Loan Origination Software Cut the Mustard for Indirect Lending Success?

We lay out three of the most important things to consider when evaluating a loan software system’s indirect lending capabilities.
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How to Leverage Analytics for Better Dealer Management and Indirect Lending

Here are three key areas where analytics can prove to be very beneficial for your indirect lending dealer management services. Download our free eBook to learn how custom scorecards can easily be leveraged to boost success.
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