COVID-19 Exposed Digital Lending Limitations for Financial Institutions

By Yelena Kolesnik | digital lending COVID19
With so many financial challenges associated with COVID-19, one that stands out among the list is how companies needed to dramatically shift and re-evaluate ways they operate their business. For example: entering a digital marketplace to meet the..
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The Impacts of 5G on Financial Institutions

We’ve all heard that 5G is the next best thing and the tremendous enhancements it will bring to..
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Must Have Item in your Digital Lending Suitcase [Webinar Summary]

In the on-demand webinar below, Cornerstone Advisors’ Consultant, Michael Rempel and Merianlink’s..
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How COVID-19 Revealed the Flaws of Many Lenders

The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on many flaws within all aspects of lending. The flaws..
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Digital Account Opening and Lending Journey [Webinar Recording]

Over the past several months during the pandemic, it has become apparent that the importance of..
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MeridianLink SBA PPP Lending Technology Enables Community Banks and Credit Unions to Assist Small Businesses

Small businesses have suffered a great deal as a result of mandated closures and shelter-in-place..
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What is an Open API and How Does It Help Innovate Digital Lending?

Digital lending technology is ever evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest must..
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The Mortgage Landscape - First Quarter 2020

The state of mortgage lending was promising, as we concluded in 2019. Entering a new decade, many..
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15 Tips to Optimize Digital Lending and Account Opening for Financial Institutions

The digital evolution is forcing financial institutions toward innovation of products and channels..
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