Increase Digital Loan Applications with QR Codes

By Kristina Quinn | digital application process digital lending
Today’s financial institutions are increasingly open to the adoption of digital technologies to enhance the customer experience. A good example of this is QR Codes. A number of banks and credit unions have started using QR codes to provide consumers..
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3 Ways to Improve Online Deposit Account Applications

The digital consumer experience has grown tremendously in the past five years. Consumers can..
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How to Compete with Digital Lending Leaders [Webinar Summary]

Our most recent webinar featuring Jim Marous, Owner and Publisher of the Digital Banking Report and..
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5 Perks of Using Social Media for Financial Institutions

Social media is a very powerful tool for many different reasons. Those who do not understand it can..
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Digital-First Approach to the Consumer Experience, Does Your Financial Institution Measure Up?

As a millennial, I’ve spent a big portion of adult life with technology that allows me to do,..
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Important Items to Note When Investing in a New Loan Origination System

Several years ago, I was unexpectedly faced with the decision of buying a car. Not at all ready, I..
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2 Top Digital Lending Best Practices

Digital maturity is something almost every business – regardless of industry – struggles to attain...
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