A New Year's Resolution? How About Five Insightful Webinars!

By Brooks Huber | January 20, 2021
webinar digital application process digital lending
MeridianLink presents a Q1 webinar series on digital banking and digital lending topics! Registration is live for all five webinars.
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Ring in 2021 with Seven Essential (FREE) Webinars

2020 sped up the pace for everything digital—including ease-of-use, speed, and automation. MeridianLink's essential Q4 webinar series is chock-full of info
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Increase Digital Loan Applications with QR Codes

Financial institutions can use QR codes to boost their digital lending applications. Connect with MeridianLink to find out more.
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3 Ways to Improve Online Deposit Account Applications

Leading digital lenders and larger financial institutions have invested heavily in the digital consumer experience, and smaller banks and credit unions need a digital presence to compete and grow their member and customer volumes.
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How to Compete with Digital Lending Leaders [Webinar Summary]

If you missed our most recent webinar featuring Jim Marous, Owner and Publish of the Digital Banking Report and Co-Published of The Financial Brand and MeridianLink Sales Engineer, Jerod Nace. Our speakers covered best practices to help banks and credit unions compete with digital lending leaders.
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5 Perks of Using Social Media for Financial Institutions

If your bank or credit union is not taking advantage of social media or doesn’t deem it important, I’d like to provide some food for thought. Let’s examine 5 perks of using social media that can help your financial institution with communication, advertising and enhancing your digital lending experience.
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Digital-First Approach to the Consumer Experience, Does Your Financial Institution Measure Up?

Consumer habits are vastly changing and although they are not changing at the same rate in every industry, customers are starting to expect an online experience.
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Important Items to Note When Investing in a New Loan Origination System

Investing in a new Loan Origination System can be a grueling process. Here's what you need to know before you start the process of searching for a new solution.
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2 Top Digital Lending Best Practices

Here are three best practices that all financial institutions should embrace if they’re looking to maximize success within the digital lending landscape.
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