Summer Tips for Improved Fraud Detection & Prevention from Your Loan Software

By Chris Carlson | July 3, 2019
decision analytics Risk Management Loan Software loan origination system fraud detection
Here are three key things to consider when evaluating a loan origination system's fraud detection capabilities.
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Demo Days: Your Front-Row Seat to Our Solutions

Demo Days is an inaugural, interactive and FREE digital event that allows attendees to see actual demonstrations of all key MeridianLink technology and services.
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Top 5 Indirect Lending Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the five most common mistakes lenders make when operating their indirect lending programs and how decision analytics and business consulting can be leveraged to help.
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How to Avoid Silo Analytics for Improved Credit Decisioning (Part 2)

In the second part of this series, we look at how institutions can avoid a decentralized and fragmented process with their credit decisioning and decision analytics.
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How to Avoid Silo Analytics for Improved Credit Decisioning (Part 1 of 2)

Today's blog post examines what institutions can do to strengthen their credit decisioning and avoid using silo analytics.
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Why a One-Size-Fits-All Approach is a Bad Plan for Profitable Credit Decisioning

Generic scorecards that use large, general populations are good at predicting payment behavior on an average population, but custom scorecards that focus only on the customers in your portfolio are even better for profitable credit decisioning.
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Credit Decisioning's Three Lines of Defense for Risk Management

Learn why the most successful lending institutions use a risk management strategy/model based on three lines of defense across departments
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How to Leverage Analytics for Better Dealer Management and Indirect Lending

Here are three key areas where analytics can prove to be very beneficial for your indirect lending dealer management services. Download our free eBook to learn how custom scorecards can easily be leveraged to boost success.
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Custom Scorecards: Your Ticket to More Success

Custom scorecards help lenders make more efficient decisions by providing more precision in targeting applications with a lower risk profile for that specific institution.
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