What Can Automation Do for You in the Mortgage Lending Process? Here are 6 Key Benefits

By MeridianLink | August 23, 2022
automated decisions, customer experience, automated mortgage process
Learn why working with automation in the mortgage lending process will help you save money, boost customer satisfaction, and ensure higher quality loans
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Partner Post: Streamline Lending with Integrated Electronic Signature

With DocuSign's integrated electronic signature, lenders can create a fully digital experience spanning origination, approval, signing, & funding
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Partner Post: Consumer Lending Strategies to Consider to Create New Opportunities

Read about LoanStar & what financial institutions looking to grow their customer base should consider when choosing a consumer lending strategy
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Partner Post: 2021 - The Year of ReShaping eSign for Financial Institutions

Learn about IMM, a leading eSignature provider that helps financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation to meet their eSign needs
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Partner Post: Ending the Customer Journey Once and for All

Read about the importance of having a proactive lending approach that ends the customer journey & allows your institution to gain a competitive advantage
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6 Keys to Digital Lending Success

Learn which six priorities will make your digital lending transformation a success for your bank or credit union, according to a new report
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How Lenders Can Market to Zeke the Gen Zer

By MeridianLink | January 13, 2022
customer experience GenZ
Learn how banks and credit unions can effectively serve Generation Z customers: digital natives with a strong interest in financial education
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Personalized Onboarding Strategies for Digital Lending

As customers increasingly take advantage of digital options, digital lenders need to craft a personalized onboarding approach, a new report advises
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Digitize Fast or Die Slow: A Digital Lending Tragedy

With <50% of banks and credit unions allowing end-to-end digital loan and mortgage origination, it’s time to refocus before your competitors do
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