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The Future of Collections Is in the Cloud

By MeridianLink | June 1, 2023
collections, debt collection, MeridianLink Collect
Debt collection has long been a major pain point for financial institutions, one made even more difficult by the limitations of on-premises debt collection software, which is costly to install, maintain, and upgrade. 
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How 2 Credit Unions Use Tech to Combat Rising Collections

See how White Sands Federal Credit Union and Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union have shifted their collections strategies to better fight rising delinquencies.
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Managing Delinquencies Among Younger Generations

Learn how to handle increasing delinquencies among younger generations while maintaining procedural compliance and positive client relationships
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Protecting Borrowers From Delinquencies in a Changing Economy

Learn why it is important for financial institutions to implement tools so they can easily and efficiently manage the delinquencies coming in
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Collections Best Practices

Learn about collection best practices & how the use of MeridianLink Collect allows credit unions to advance their debt collection strategy
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To Reduce Collections, Improve Customer Communication Practices

Meet outstanding debt goals and decrease collections by focusing on improving communication and understanding the role of debt collection software
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Improve Efficiencies and Optimize the Collection Process, A Webinar Summary

MeridianLink’s XpressCollect team recently teamed up with BillingTree for an informative­ webinar about the collection process, including a live demo.
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What Is the Projected Delinquency Rate and How Can FIs Prepare?

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lending landscape for FIs and it's important for them to examine the data that is available to help pivot priorities.
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Is Your Financial Institution Prepared for the Surge of Delinquencies Caused by the COVID-19?

Is Your FI Prepared for the Surge of Delinquencies Caused by the COVID-19 Shut Down?
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