Posted by MeridianLink | July 21, 2020

The Top 5 Stops on the MeridianLink Summer Road Trip Webinar Series

Pack your bags and get on the open road to learn how your organization can change the way you need to accelerate and innovate your solutions between July 22 to September 16. 


As the impact of the pandemic increases the demand for organizations to change the way they deliver efficient digital lending and digital banking services, the MeridianLink Summer Road Trip Webinar Series will help you plan for a road trip of a lifetime by going down a journey with five fun stops along the way.  We plotted the routes for you to go on an adventure that will give you the opportunity to explore our innovative solutions in digital lending, account opening, mortgage, indirect and direct auto lending, and more We will also provide innovative tools to build a better post-pandemic digital world in 2021 to guide you in serving your members and customers with technological benefits. 


A Preview of What You Will Learn At Each Stop

Join us virtually, as we take you on a digital journey to highlight key industry topics presented by industry experts and panelists.

Blue-Digital Account Opening Lending Journey

Stop 1. Digital Account Opening and Lending Journey

At a high level, this session covers the use of a universal application to booking and funding.  It includes cross-selling, advanced decisioning, and utilization of third-party vendors for lead generation, eSignature and more.



icon-3a Stop 2. Must-Haves in Your Digital Lending Suitcase

Cornerstone Advisors will share insights on what they have been seeing in the marketplace and from the clients they work with. For companies considering an RFP or wanting to do an assessment on their current LOS system, Cornerstone will review trends they are seeing and how product functionality is growing (and decreasing). This content promises to have strategic and tactical learnings and takeaways.



Stop 3. The LendingQB ‘Stay’cation – The Future of Mortgage Lending Through 2021

This LendingQB roundtable session brings together mortgage experts to present their views on where we have been and where they see the industry heading in the short term. This will be a LIVE session and questions from the audience are expected.



Green-Auto Lending Open Highway or Detours Ahead Stop 4. Auto Lending: Open Highway or Detours Ahead

Ahead It has been a rocky road for the auto lending market for the past six months. Join industry experts from both the indirect and direct auto lending worlds as they provide their thoughts and insight on what is going to happen in the next twelve to eighteen months.



Blue-Digital Lending Survey

Stop 5. Digital Lending Review Survey Results

MeridianLink is once again sponsoring the Digital Lending Review and survey.  Industry Futurist Jim Marous shares the results of this year’s survey in which many of you participated.  All attendees will receive a complimentary electronic version of the 2020 Digital Lending Review, over a $500 value. 

The Final Destination: Being Digitally Savvy

You will learn additional technological benefits in digital lending and digital banking that you can share with your colleagues or enhance existing processes within your financial institution to prepare for 2021 and beyond.

Bonus Takeaways

  1. It is FREE The Summer Road Trip Webinar Series is entirely free! All attendees need is a laptop or mobile device to participate.
  2. Open to Everyone – The registration is open to all prospective clients and clients.  
  3. Ask Questions – Even in this virtual format, attendees will have the ability to ask questions about specific products and services directly to the product experts in a LIVE format.
  4. Gift Card Drawings A gift card drawing will be announced live in every session.  Just because it is virtual, does not mean it cannot be fun too.  

To learn more about the summer webinar series or to register, CLICK HERE.

Key things to remember:

  • Subscribe to our blog or register on our event website to be notified when registration is live for the remaining webinars.  
  • You will need to register for each webinar you plan to attend. 
  • For security purposes, registration requires a verifiable business email address. Free email addresses, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, cannot be accepted for this event. 

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