Posted by MeridianLink | March 30, 2022

Partner Post: Learning More About SWBC


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Headquartered in San Antonio, SWBC is a diversified financial services company providing a wide range of insurance, mortgage, and investment services to financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. With offices across the country, SWBC is committed to providing quality products, outstanding services, and customized solutions in all 50 states. Co-owners, Chairman Charlie Amato and President Gary Dudley began SWBC in 1976 to provide insurance to financial institutions. The company has since diversified to include a wide-range of insurance and financial services.

Today, SWBC is a multi-faceted company with 2,400+ employees with offices across the country with total annual premium of approximately $1 billion. SWBC is licensed to market and service a variety of financial products across the nation, and our products are offered through several wholly owned subsidiary corporations. Although the firm is privately held, a public accounting firm audits the company’s operations and financials on an annual basis.

SWBC is committed to continuous improvement of technology to ensure the most efficient delivery of products and services. In fact, innovation and technology are critical components of virtually all products and services we provide. SWBC’s team of information technology professionals create service designs and maintain existing infrastructures that emphasize speed, accuracy, accessibility, security and quality. This means simplified processes, increased efficiency, and increased revenue for clients.

Its Total Solution approach to serving the needs of its financial institution clients (1,400+), presents an enterprise-level approach to helping them manage risk, increase online payments, and generate non-fee-based income. SWBC is one of the only companies that can provide products and services across the full spectrum of Risk, Payments, and Income Generation for financial institutions. Increased synergies occur for clients with 2+ SWBC products by having one portal to view all activities, streamlined payment processes, one company to work with, fewer employee errors, reduced risk of supply chain hacks, and omnichannel communication approaches (text, IVR, email, phone, mail) across various services.

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