Posted by MeridianLink | September 29, 2021

MeridianLink’s TazWorks™ Announces Immediate Availability of Recurring Background Checks

MeridianLink, Inc. (NYSE: MLNK), today announced TazWorks, its leading technology platform for independent background screening professionals, has launched a new feature that enables recurring background checks to be easily configured within the platform’s robust background screening software. The new feature gives personnel managers an effective way to stay informed about activities that could jeopardize the status of an employee, volunteer, or tenant while also reducing the risk of events that may negatively impact organizations.

“The ability to implement recurring background checks gives entities a way to stay informed when the ­­conduct or status of their employees, volunteers, or tenants is no longer in alignment with the organization’s requirements or standards,” said Chris Maloof, chief product officer for MeridianLink. “This new tool makes it easier for managers to stay informed while adding a layer of ongoing protection and risk mitigation for organizations.”

Recurring background checks provide flexibility in how organizations maintain their screening standards and can work alongside other monitoring tools. Recurring background checks can be configured using an assortment of parameters, including by a specific search, product, vendor, or timeframe. Searches can be scheduled to repeat and will automatically appear in a queue. They can be monitored as part of an organization’s workflow to order, renew, cancel, or even skip an occurrence.

“Our commitment is to provide background screening age­­ncies with the tools they need to help protect their clients from multiple types of issues, including those that might happen after the initial screening is completed,” said Scott Kimball, vice president of product for MeridianLink’s TazWorks. “The addition of recurring background checks is yet another example of our commitment to giving our clients tools to promote safe environments and offer more choices to their customers, helping all involved be successful.”

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