Posted by MeridianLink | December 5, 2018

MeridianLink 2019 User Forum: Peer to Pier

We are excited to announce that the theme for the MeridianLink 2019 User Forum is Peer to Pier. We hope you will join us for the event, held in Huntington Beach, Calif., from April 29-May 2.

Representing the depth and breadth of the MeridianLink platform, the Peer to Pier theme brings users to join together as a community, sharing best practices and power-user level interactions. The energy, affirmation and confidence attendees and participants bring to the MeridianLink 2019 User Forum creates a dynamic and transformative opportunity to share and grow in an inspiring beachside setting. Take advantage of MeridianLink’s industry leading technology-enabled lending and deposit account opening platform to deliver THE premier member/consumer experience.

Today, the most trusted source of information is word of mouth. Over the last four years, word-of-mouth marketing has been shown to be a top influencer on buyer’s purchasing decision. The MeridianLink 2019 User Forum is an event where peers can meet at the pier to share experiences with one another about MeridianLink solutions.

As a participant in the MeridianLink 2019 User Forum, join members of peer organizations eager to collaborate by sharing ideas, information and other resources. Throughout the User Forum, we encourage you to leverage numerous opportunities to deliver value, learn from your industry peers and join like-minded community members. Our enhanced event app provides event and contact information, and loads of other social opportunities to formalize mutually beneficial relationships within the MeridianLink Community.

Based in Costa Mesa, Calif., less than eight miles from Huntington Beach, MeridianLink welcomes you to Southern California. As it juts out into the Pacific Ocean, the iconic Huntington Beach Pier symbolizes the heart of Huntington Beach. A reminder of simple pleasures, this landmark is an integral part of Southern California lore and a perfect place to make new connections while enjoying the views and sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

The MeridianLink Community
In planning the event, we set up the User Forum to ensure abundant opportunities for networking to share problem-solving techniques, real-life insights and practical approaches to using the MeridianLink system.

This is the event’s fourth year, and it promises to have full tracks of thought-provoking presentations, sessions, roundtables, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities that will enhance your institution’s use of the MeridianLink platform.

Stay tuned for information on registration, coming over the next few weeks.

Speaking of peers, Old National Bank is one with a great success story to share. Empowered by MeridianLink and LoansPQ automation technology, Old National Bank increased automated decisioning to 30 percent. 

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