Introducing MeridianLink One: Accelerating Life's Most Important Financial Moments

Posted by Charlie Lee | February 19, 2021

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In order to better serve our customers, we are making some exciting changes to our website and offerings. The changes reflect our commitment to creating better at MeridianLink: better technology, better service, better people, and better solutions to streamline experiences for our clients and their customers.


Back in 2018, and before I took the helm of the marketing department as chief marketing officer at MeridianLink, I was initially drawn to the company’s unique mission statement:

To democratize financial services technology and data so our clients can focus on what’s truly important: their employees, customers, and communities.

Since joining, I’ve been extremely proud of the work we do to deliver on that mission, and to live out the company’s vision to transform financial services technology for the better. It’s safe to say we are doing just that!

As we continue to evolve, we remain laser-focused on how technology fosters connections, powers growth, and creates greater customer satisfaction. Today, this means renaming most of our products, and to begin positioning them as an integrated platform.


Over at the marketing team we have put together a comprehensive FAQ, which highlights all the important details surrounding the name changes. We feel—and I hope you can agree with me on this—the naming convention bestows a more comprehensive story as it relates to our product offerings.  Not only does it help to unify our products under a single brand, it empowers our clients and their customers to experience a more thorough and thought-provoking digital journey. One that hopefully leads to a pleasant and rewarding discovery.   


Connecting Our Website and Brand to Our Mission

MeridianLink One is a platform that is comprised of all our products and services, and spans the entire digital lending journey—from deposit account opening, consumer and mortgage loan origination, credit reporting, data access and verification, business consulting, analytics, collections, and scoring.

With MeridianLink One, you can choose to select one or many of our integrated products. When you purchase multiple integrated products, you unlock the power of the true potential of the platform, which turns a typical transactional experience into a transformational one for your team and consumers. More details about this are available on our website.

We are forever committed to using the latest and greatest technology to help clients delight and inspire their customers. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than watching our clients continue to grow and expand. As we work hard to transform financial services technology for the better, we are excited to see what the future holds.

Until then, you can count on us to deliver better technology, better service, better people, and better solutions.


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Written by Charlie Lee

Chief Marketing Officer

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