Posted by MeridianLink | August 18, 2022

Employee Recognition: Promoting a People-First Approach to the Workplace

Communication and recognition matter, especially with the rise of remote and hybrid workplaces that do not lend themselves to regular face-to-face interactions. After all, a company is only as strong as its people. As an employer, it’s on us, MeridianLink, to facilitate a positive work environment that supports its employees and ensures that they are heard.

As MeridianLink continues to grow, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the crucial roles our employees have played in helping the company achieve each milestone we’ve reached. That is why we take active steps to develop and maintain a people-centric workplace:

Recognizing Accomplishments

A workplace that recognizes efforts and accomplishments will always come out ahead when it comes to employee satisfaction. People like to know that their efforts are making a difference and that they are valuable members of the team.

At MeridianLink, we have recently implemented a new way to honor and uplift our team members when they go above and beyond in their roles: a dedicated online forum in which employees can send and receive recognition in exchange for points that can be redeemed for prizes. This company-wide platform encourages employees to call out their peers for excellent work and positive attitudes, helping others understand how impactful everyone’s contributions are to the collective.

It’s an easy, fun way to create a positive culture; however, verbal affirmations and fun prizes alone are not enough, which is why we also encourage…

Constructive Feedback & Professional Development

No, we’re not talking about that semi-empty “sandwich” technique. While some people like that method, it can also lead to tension as employees wait for the metaphorical “other shoe” to drop, in turn minimizing the positive feedback that comes alongside the negative.

Truly constructive feedback is geared toward tactful transparency delivered with the goal of helping employees achieve their potential and grow in their roles. This applies to both praise and critiques: If a manager appreciates something that their employee is doing, they should make a point to call it out to continue encouraging that positive behavior; if an employee missed the mark on a task, it’s important for the manager to explain why the issue is an issue and explore solutions with the employee. This will help the employee avoid that same outcome in the future and equip them with the skills necessary for future career growth.

On a related note, professional development opportunities are key factors in positive work environments. Offering employees the option to pursue certifications, attend seminars, and even apply for other positions within the company are all ways to foster career growth and ensure that employees know that they are supported in growing their skills and achieving their goals.

These are a couple of ways MeridianLink puts action behind the aforementioned praise and prizes, but we don’t stop there! There is another key factor in conveying recognition that doesn’t come in the form of verbal affirmation or career growth but instead relies on time management and trust.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Employees are people first. It seems obvious, but it’s a fact that some companies and managers forget from time to time. Between illnesses, children, and countless other life events that have happened to us all, it’s important to remember that employees sometimes need extra resources and support to deliver their best work.

That’s why MeridianLink has adopted a remote-first workplace policy. This approach ensures fewer barriers to completing daily tasks when life gets in the way, and it fosters mutual trust between management and their teams since each relies on the other to complete their work and keep items moving down the pipeline. The independence that this setup creates has also been proven to lead to greater employee engagement and empowerment, as individuals are afforded more space to try new ideas and gain a stronger work-life balance with better control over their schedules and work environments.

These are just a few of the steps our MeridianLink team takes to ensure that employees feel recognized and supported on a daily basis. To be a part of our people-centric culture and continued efforts towards individual excellence, we encourage you to check our job postings and apply for any open positions for which you could be a fit.

When we lift each other up, our collective potential is boundless. We hope you’ll consider being a part of our all-star team!

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