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3 Ways to Improve Online Deposit Account Applications

By Yelena Kolesnik | February 13, 2020
Deposit account opening digital application process digital lending
Leading digital lenders and larger financial institutions have invested heavily in the digital consumer experience, and smaller banks and credit unions need a digital presence to compete and grow their member and customer volumes.
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5 Tips for Indirect Auto Lending Success

Indirect auto lending is not only a convenient way for financial institutions to increase loan volumes, but it’s also a convenient way for members to obtain financing directly from the dealership. However, there are risks associated with indirect lending programs and items that the financial institution must be aware of before jumping in.
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3 Tactics to Boost Cross-Sell in 2020

Bank and credit union staff rely heavily on seasonal and new member promotions to help meet their quotas. Still, there are other items that can be put in place to help boost application volumes. This blog will examine a few cross-sell tactics to help grow application volumes in 2020.
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5 Credit Unions That Go Beyond an Excellent Member Experience

By Yelena Kolesnik | November 27, 2019
credit unions
Here are 5 Credit Unions That Go Beyond an Excellent Member Experience.
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How to Compete with Digital Lending Leaders [Webinar Summary]

If you missed our most recent webinar featuring Jim Marous, Owner and Publish of the Digital Banking Report and Co-Published of The Financial Brand and MeridianLink Sales Engineer, Jerod Nace. Our speakers covered best practices to help banks and credit unions compete with digital lending leaders.
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Benefits of Having a Unified Loan and Deposit Account Origination Platform

The financial institution's goal should be to create a consistent, sustainable, streamlined, and efficient member and customer experience. Providing a consistent user experience regardless of the product and channel is vital to staying competitive in the industry
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Increase Your FI’s Loan Originations Through Merchant Lending

Merchant lending is a simple way to increase loan volumes, create great working relationships with local businesses and help your community.
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3 BI Trends Your Financial Institution Should Know About

By Yelena Kolesnik | October 4, 2019
An abundance of data can be a terrifying thing for most people. Do not fear, great things are happening, especially for banks and credit unions. Check out 3 BI trends that can help your financial institution achieve greater outcomes.
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Digital Lending: 3 Tips to Help FI’s Combat Application Abandonment

By Yelena Kolesnik | September 26, 2019
There are ways to create less friction for your clients and lower your abandonment rates. Let’s look at three features that you should implement today!
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