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Is LOS Technology Living Up To Its Promise?

By Wilson Hartsock | July 13, 2020
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Mortgage lending has fared well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But lenders who have resisted the adoption of a modern loan origination software are finding it difficult to operate in a digital world.
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Who Should Be Responsible for Installing LOS Technology?

Installing a new loan origination system (LOS) is laborious, expensive and just a major headache to deal with. But who should do it? Read this post to learn more.
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All-Inclusive Loan Origination System Vs. Best of Breed

The LOS has become a comprehensive business management tool that is expected to deliver speed and compliance at a reasonable cost.
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Digital Lending Best Practices Make All the Difference

Many lenders waste time & money implementing a highly configurable LOS because they believe they need a unique loan production process. Ready more.
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The Value of True Digital Lending

By Wilson Hartsock | February 28, 2020
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The mortgage industry is experiencing a paradigm shift involving technological change on a scale that has never been seen in the industry.
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