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Director of Business Development, Financial & Lending Technology Expert

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Digital Lending and Account Opening: The Only Risk is Doing Nothing

By Mark Gleason | October 1, 2020
digital banking, banks, origination
Digital Lending & Account Opening: The Only Risk is Doing Nothing! Don't get left behind in the digital dust, break through the legacy thinking & Just Do It.
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Digital Lending & Banking That Drives Growth & Revenue

Learn why banks and credit unions were well-positioned in the pandemic except for growing their deposits, loans and customer and member bases
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COVID-19 and the Future of Digital Banking

By Mark Gleason | May 28, 2020
digital banking
In the pandemic, credit unions and banks have made short-term concessions to digital banking. According to MeridianLink, these efforts may become permanent.
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Strategies for Community Banks & Credit Unions Through the Pandemic

Learn how banks and credit unions can help customers and members get through the pandemic, including opening accounts and applying for loans online
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Fed Updates Paycheck Protection Program. MeridianLink Helps NOW

Fed made further unprecedented moves to bolster the economy & provide security to financial institutions participating in the Paycheck Protection Program
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Mobile Banking Is No Longer Optional; How Fast Can Banks Move?

Full Spectrum Online/Mobile Banking Is No Longer Optional. Should Banks Hurry Up or Wait? Read our latest blog post to learn more.
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MeridianLink Online Digital Lending & Account Opening Update

By Mark Gleason | March 16, 2020
Here's an update on digital lending and consumer loan origination now that COVID-19 is affecting banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers
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