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How Loan Automation Hesitation Affects Your Consumers

By Kristina Quinn | July 8, 2021
online lending, mobile lending, digital application process, MeridianLink One
See how applying for loans and mortgages online, without a complete solution, makes your customers’ lives difficult and drives them to competitors
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What Genuine Digital Lending Looks Like

Successful digital lending means rethinking the experience of consumers, who have no patience for processes that take more than a few minutes
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Are You Faking Digital Lending?

By Kristina Quinn | March 16, 2021
If you offer ‘digital lending’ but consumers can’t complete the process online, you’re offering fake digital lending – here’s what to do about it
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Opportunity Knocks Again for Lenders… If They’re Ready with an SBA PPP Loan System

Opportunity knocks again for lenders but only if you’re ready to go with a digital lending SBA PPP loan origination system (LOS)
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Remote Online Notarization (RON): Going Up, Up, Up in Borrower Preference

Learn why the future of mortgage closing is RON: borrowers rely on its capabilities for fast electronic closing (eclosing) transactions
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8 Questions to Ask Your Loan Origination Software (LOS) Vendor

The key to finding your ideal loan origination system (LOS) is to ask the right questions before signing a contract - here are the top eight
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What Is an Open API and How Does It Help Evolve Digital Lending?

See how a digital lending open application programming interface (API) can help lenders evolve with the growing needs of the digital borrower
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The Mortgage Landscape - First Quarter 2020

The state of mortgage lending was promising as we concluded in 2019 and as we entered into 2020, we learn there are more uncertainties emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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4 eClosing Must Haves for a Complete, End-to-End Digital Mortgage Lending Process

True digital mortgage lending is incomplete without a secure, compliant and intuitive eClosing process paired with a powerful mortgage LOS
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