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How Does the Digital Lending Experience You Provide Stack Up? Three Tips to Consider

By Chris Carlson | Best Practices Loan Software loan origination system Deposit account opening mobile lending digital lending
Here are three more key considerations every financial institution’s loan origination system must incorporate to maximize success in the digital segment.
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Demo Days: Your Front-Row Seat to Our Solutions

Demo Days is an inaugural, interactive and FREE digital event that allows attendees to see actual demonstrations of all key MeridianLink technology and services.
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Don’t Forget These Indirect Lending Best Practices When Evaluating Loan Origination Systems

Here are three more indirect lending best practices to consider when evaluating your loan origination system.
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3 More Loan Software Compliance Best Practices That Every FI Should Consider

We’re back with three more important considerations that will help identify the loan software that provides the most help regarding regulatory compliance.
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Recapping the New Brand Identity for MeridianLink: Connecting You To Better

MeridianLink unveiled its new brand identity at last week's User Forum in Huntington Beach, Calif. Our new identity is all about Connecting You To Better.
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DTI and Credit Decisioning: How Effective is Your Recipe?

Debt-to-income (DTI) is one of the most critical ratios that financial institutions consider when determining the approval or rejection of applicants.
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How XpressCollect Collection is Revolutionizing Collections

Here are some of the Q&A following the presentation and demo during yesterday's webinar to give you some more insight on how XpressCollect debt collection software works.
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Does Your Loan Origination System Adhere to These Digital Lending Best Practices?

This week's blog examines more digital lending best practices that every financial institution should consider when evaluating loan origination systems.
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Crucial Compliance Best Practices to Consider When Evaluating Loan Origination Systems

Finding the right loan origination software fit for your financial institution can be challenging when you consider regulatory compliance demands.
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