4 Credit Decisioning Variables Used for Fraud Detection & Prevention

We would like to wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season! While many people are taking time away from the office this week, still plenty of others – especially at financial institutions – continue to punch their proverbial time cards. Another hot topic in our industry that seemingly never takes a day off is fraud.  As holiday spending ramps up toward the end of the year, more and more crooks out there are scheming ways to get something for nothing. Credit fraud continues to be a growing concern in the lending industry. Financial institutions need to find ways to increase fraud detection and prevention capabilities within their automated decisioning technology and processes. Analytics continues to provide a trusted and viable counterpunch to rising threats of fraud.
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Does Your Loan Origination Software Cut the Mustard for Indirect Lending Success?

FACT: most of us have used jargon at some point regardless of how annoying it may be for those on the other end of an explanation or conversation. It’s defined as special words or expressions used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand. As worn out or sometimes abused as jargon might be, especially in our industry, it’s still used for a reason – it’s convenient and a short cut. One particular example that certainly applies to technology or business processes associated with indirect lending appeared last year on Forbes’ list of most annoying business jargon. It was explaining that something has lots of moving parts. In case you’re wondering, core competency took the top spot on the list.
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How to Leverage Analytics for Better Dealer Management and Indirect Lending

In the indirect lending space for vehicles, building good dealer relationships can be the difference between receiving a steady flow of quality loan applications or getting the scraps. This often involves dropping by once in a while with donuts and maintaining a strong on-going dialogue on how to better work together. However, lenders can also use analytics to gather more insight about their dealers. This insight can help them build better relationships with those dealers that are most beneficial to work with – as well as better manage those that are under-performing. Here are three key areas where analytics can prove to be very beneficial for your dealer management services:
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MeridianLink 2019 User Forum: Peer to Pier

We are excited to announce that the theme for the MeridianLink 2019 User Forum is Peer to Pier. We hope you will join us for the event, held in Huntington Beach, Calif., from April 29-May 2.
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