E6A Diamond Sponsor—Scienaptic: AI for Lending: Myths and Realities

Interest, adoption, and investment in AI have skyrocketed. Advances in regulatory-compliant explainable AI algorithms and the democratization of alternative data led to a dramatic rise in AI deployments over the past 12 months. Despite this heightened interest, we are merely scratching the surface. Many financial institutions are finding it challenging to see beyond the hype and leverage AI to yield measurable business outcomes. Let’s change that. In this session, we will learn about the myriad of real-world lending applications of AI, transforming how we lend.

3 Reasons to Attend this Session

  1. Demystifying AI in lending: Understand the myths and realities of AI in lending
  2. Learning how AI can reduce bias, provide early warnings against potential financial distress, and build recession-proof practices. Understand how it can promote financial inclusion even amidst economic uncertainties.
  3. Discovering practical ways to integrate AI and alternative data into existing processes and drive more automation