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Products: Application Portal


Consumers demand flexibility and convenience of the digital marketplace.

The days of customers having to wait to conduct business during specific hours are long gone. Consumers partner with financial institutions that can be everywhere they are. MeridianLink's Application Portal, with its responsive design, empowers any financial institution to offer their customers and members that freedom.  

Maximize digital lending profit and efficiency by offering consumers the ability to apply from any computer or mobile device. Seamless integrations with all loan origination systems minimize data entry and maximize cross-selling. 


Comprehensive, Yet Flexible

Scalable and expandable configuration allows flexibility to support online consumer application types and quantities from a single type to an entire lending portfolio.

Secure and Reliable

Security as a priority ensures a solution architecture that minimizes data collection and retention, while maximizing encryption.

Fast and Responsive

Leveraging new design principles, the application optimizes the online consumer experience so that it is quick and as easy as possible.

White-label Design

Application is designed to seamlessly mesh with existing web presence so that consumers are presented with a consistent format and styling throughout the application.


Mobile-first Design

With speed and responsiveness as top priorities, our design considers all major browsers and devices to ensure maximal convenience and functionality.

Universal Application

Use one application to service all mortgages, consumer loans, commercial loans, consumer deposit accounts and business deposit accounts.

High-level Configuration

Offers freedom and control to customize application themes and wording. Application configuration is made easy through our tool's built-in WYSIWYG editor.

Complete Integration

Full integration of online banking, core systems, account opening and loan origination means back-end simplicity ensures applications adhere to existing rules and formats.

Mobile-enabled Population

Poised to maximize built-in mobile features, the user-friendly design and digital functionality enables quick data population from any major browser and device.

Built-in Cross-sell Support

New combination application types and post-submission logic allow consumers to select multiple products.



Application Portal

With Application Portal from MeridianLink, financial institutions of any size can easily expand existing lending and account origination platforms to online consumers while ensuring control of the entire online application experience.

Case Study

Associated Credit Union

By leveraging MeridianLink's Application Portal solution, Associated CU was able to reduce the rate of incomplete applications to less than 1%, increase the amount of loans booked online by 12.5% in the first year and reduce the application process from 12 screens to three easy steps.

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