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Products: AchievEngine


AchievEngine is the business rules management system specifically designed for business people.

Automating credit decisions, cross-selling, increasing customer/member loyalty, managing risk, no matter what your business objectives are, AchievEngine enables your financial institution to achieve them by seamlessly integrating the strategy design, execution and monitoring elements required for managing your decision processes in a complete, effective and timely manner.

AchievEngine is the high-performance engine that can support your unique decision processes, from credit underwriting to on-going credit line management, from marketing campaigns to collection strategies.


Enterprise Decision Platform

One installation for all the decision-making strategies of the whole organization including origination, account management, collection and marketing.

Centralized & Standardized Decisions

Customers and members will be evaluated the same way in across all channels including branch, call center, kiosk and mobile devices.

Time to Market

Quickly deploy for new and amended strategies that account for changes in the economic conditions or execute new marketing strategies.

Complete Control

Our solution provides complete internal business ownership with its user-friendly designer for internal business users to take full ownership.


Designer Tool

AchievEngine maneuvers highly sophisticated and complex decision processes on the back-end through a user-friendly graphical interface on the front-end. Icons are used to depict logical objects and strategy flow.

Run-time Environment

No task is too big. The MeridianLink AchievEngine solution's run-time environment is specifically designed for handling high-volume executions, delivering performance at its highest level.

Simulation Reports

Determine the operational impact of new or modified strategies without going into production. For example, simulate how the total credit exposure would be affected by implementing a new credit line management strategy.

Champion vs. Challenger

AchievEngine allows the business users to test other approaches to challenge the champion strategy (the one in production in that particular moment) by applying them to randomly selected sub-populations.

PMML Compatibility

Scoring models can be imported with the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) import module. Automatic import of scoring models reduces operational risks associated with manual entry.

Self-documenting Design

AchievEngine allows users to generate full descriptions of the process in a mix of text and graphical formats for auditing, archiving and printing what has been designed and deployed in operational environment.

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