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Services: Achieve Data and Reporting


Data is extremely powerful to drive growth and limit risk.

If financial institutions are not interpreting and utilizing it effectively, then it’s relatively worthless. Many institutions boast the industry’s most robust loan origination systems and account opening platforms, but they will never reach their true potential without accurate and expert data analytics.

Achieve Data & Reporting uses business intelligence to improve performance, policies and bottom lines. It delves into lending strategies and portfolio performance. Our solutions also investigate credit and risk management, compliance, and credit process efficiency. We provide the guidance needed for both immediate and long-term results to boost sustainable growth.

While most financial institutions can't afford to house these services internally, lenders that partner with MeridianLink Achieve receive the same benefits at a significantly reduced cost.


Outsourced Expertise

The only drop-off you should expect with outsourcing is in costs. Achieve provides all of the data analytics and reporting services utilized internally by the industry's biggest banks, but at only a fraction of the cost.

Immediate Insight

By using industry-leading technology to support our expertise, turnaround times for recommendations and conclusions are significantly reduced -- thereby delivering results much faster.

Continuous Improvement

We never stop refining our processes and approach. So financial institutions that rely on and partner with Achieve receive continuous improvement regarding the support of their credit data and processes.

Enhanced Compliance

Achieve provides a comprehensive reporting package that shows regulators that you monitor your entire credit process. This includes demand, decisions, underwriting, channels and dealers, fraud, portfolio risk, score validation, and fair lending.


Extensive & Custom Reporting

If the standard package will not cover your need, Achieve builds new ad-hoc reports. Our reports are generated and analyzed by Achieve experts who will consult with you every step of the way.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

In addition to on-site consultation, our team understands that flexible availability is also extremely useful for when issues and questions arise outside of the usual support parameters.

KPI Monitoring

Data & Reporting is a process rather than a one-off, so we closely work with clients to establish goals as well as work together to monitor key performance indicators (KPI) regarding various aspects of origination.

Decision Optimization Analysis

On an annual basis, Achieve's team performs an extensive statistical analysis of the financial institution's underwriting processes to optimize auto-decision rates and credit risk appetites.

Custom and Generic Score Validation

Achieve Data & Reporting provides a validation report on a financial institution's generic or custom score to be sure the score is properly ranking risk to meet the associated decision and efficiency benchmarks.

Add-on Modules

We offer ad-hoc modules for specific needs such as disparate impact, lost sales analysis for indirect vehicle loans declined or approved but never booked, and peer analysis for how specific competitors perform.

Schedule a Consultation

Whether you're in the preliminary stages of research or looking for detailed answers that may require a demo, our team is always available to discuss your options and how we can help.