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Two Applications one seamless solution

Credit reporting agencies can license MortgageCreditLink™ and give their customers access to the system to retrieve a merged credit report using data from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. With MCL's advanced tri-merged logic; the credit data is retrieved, merged, and ready for viewing in less than 10 seconds.

How does using the MCL system translate into real value?

Scenario: You find yourself in a situation where your clients are on software that you don’t have connections to.

LOS and AUS Integrations: Eliminate the software installation process via our centralized, Web-based system. It's cost-effective and efficient.
Scenario: Software installation is a nightmare because your system requires your customers to install software or you have multiple offices that need access to the system.

Centralized management of your business and IT
  Eliminate the software installation process via our centralized, Web-based system. It's cost-effective and efficient.
Scenario: You need to support a large number of customers without sacrificing system performance and reliability. Additionally, you want to create new sources of revenues by offering expanded services or product lines.

Economies of Scale & Scope:
Because of its XML technology and modular design, Mortgage Credit Link can be enhanced to support larger volume or/and seamlessly integrated with other technologies and systems to allow you to sell new products and services with ease.
Scenario: You need technology that is intuitive, customizable, and is priced within reach.

Mortgage Credit Link is the most customizable and usable Web-based system on the market at the lowest cost and with the shortest turn-around time. Not only will it increase your marketability, it will also reduce your training costs.
Scenario: You want to safeguard your data.

Meridianlink goes beyond the "minimum requirements". We have been certified with Experian’s RI3PA requirements along with SAS 70 Level II and PCI audits. Additionally we have implemented our own proprietary encryption module and dual firewalls to secure data storage. When it comes to Internet security, you want people who are knowledgeable and experienced with Internet technologies to be maintaining your system!
Scenario: You want quality customer support and you need it now.

Support: In addition to our regular customer support voice lines, we also offer AskAPI, our online support chat that instantly puts you in touch with a live tech support person on the Web. Save on telephone bills and cut to the questions with Ask API! Furthermore, Meridianlink provides extensive support for all of your technical needs.


MCL protects your business and your customers

MCL system features numerous security procedures and processes to keep hackers and other unauthorized individuals from accessing your customers' credit information, which helps your company avoid competitive espionage, fraud, and litigation. The result is not only peace of mind for you, but your customers as well. To learn more about Meridianlink's Security & Technology policies and features, click here.

Mortgage Credit Link™ is a veritable toolbox of features and functions that meets all the needs of credit resellers and their customers. From report ordering to billing invoices, MCL centralizes all of your tasks onto one user-friendly system that is entirely available through your Web browser.
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Specifically designed for credit reporting agencies and other credit reporting institutions, Meridianlink's Mortgage Credit Link™ (MCL) system is the most versatile, stable, and powerful Web-based credit reporting system available.
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