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Two Applications one seamless solution
Rapid Deployment

We designed CreditAPI with your business needs in mind. Deployment and integration with your software applications can be completed in less than a day. All you need is the ability to post an XML request to our URL and parse the XML response that comes back.

CreditAPI is easy to deploy and simple to access. We accommodate many different data formats, including XML, which allows for fast and seamless communication between databases. We provide sample code and testing environments to facilitate a smooth and error-free development process, while our knowledgeable support staff is readily available to personally assist with any questions that may come up.

Merge Technology

Our Tri-Merge Technology uses sophisticated algorithms to produce an accurate combination of data from all three credit repositories on every credit report.

CreditAPI merges the data obtained from the three credit repositories: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. These repositories track and record a massive amount of consumer credit data which contain some variations between them. Our sophisticated algorithms automatically determine which repository data is appropriate to produce a smooth unified report of a borrower’s credit record. This is the essence of CreditAPI’s Merge Technology.

Credit Score Analyzer

Credit Score Analyzer generates recommendations on improving a consumer’s credit score.

The Credit Analyzer is proprietary software that processes credit data and generates specific actions that the borrower can take to improve their credit score.
View a sample Credit Analyzer report >>

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance tools verify the identity of consumers and perform checks for fraud and identity verification. Due to the sensitive nature of consumer credit report data, CreditAPI maintains extremely high security requirements. All consumer credit data that is obtained via CreditAPI is retained on our Secured Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encrypted servers, and is certified by CyberTrust, a worldwide leader in internet security assurance.

CreditAPI Feature Highlights

● VantageScore models available
● Support for IP restriction enforcement
● Credit freeze PIN assistance
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